Heat Pump Covers

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Aluminium heat pump or air conditioner unit covers. Smart looking and durable. Easy to install DIY.

Currently available in two sizes (Small and Medium), and two colours (Black, or White).

These are a ready made item, in stock and available for quick dispatch or pick up (unless stated as out of stock for a particular size or colour).


Construction: Aluminium screen oven baked powder coated. Pressed louvres giving maximum air flow and rigidity. 
Top lid has a reinforcing rib so you can place your favourite pot plants on it. Hinged sides for easy installation.


Choosing your EasyScreen:

Colours available: White or Black


Outdoor heat-pump units can vary in size so it is important to measure yours first.
Please refer to the internal size guide to ensure you select the right size EasyScreen for your heat pump.

If you are still unsure, call us here at EasyGate.


Internal Height 735mm / Width 950mm / Depth 390mm

External Height 760mm / Width 1030mm / Depth 420mm + clear gap


Internal Height 985mm / Width 995mm / Depth 440mm

External Height 1005mm / Width 1080mm / Depth 470mm + clear gap

Large XL (stock arriving soon)

Internal Height 1480mm / Width 1120mm / Depth 570mm

External Height 1500mm / Width 1200mm / Depth 600mm + clear gap

Note: These are the actual physical dimensions of the EasyScreen. They do not include the recommended clear gap between screen and your wall.


You will find pipework and electrical lines exiting your building wall and running down the exterior connecting to your heat pump. As air flow around the heat pump is very important, we recommend you have a gap between the wall and the back of the EasyScreen. This gap will also allow for pipework. Flush mounting the EasyScreen to the wall may require altering the EasyScreen to fit around the pipework which could result in loss of structural integrity of the EasyScreen.

Ground mounted heat pumps are installed on plastic legs fastened to a concrete foundation or deck. Some drilling will be required to fasten EasyScreen - be sure you have flat/level ground under the EasyScreen.

Wall Mounted If your heat pump is wall mounted, please ask us about optional wall adaptors.

Easy 3 step installation of your EasyScreen

Step 1: Unpack EasyScreen on site and fold out hinged sides to 90 degrees.

Step 2: Fasten lid to top using the supplied 7 stainless screws.

Step 3: Place EasyScreen over heat pump with suitable gap between wall and back of EasyScreen and fasten to ground using supplied brackets.


Heat Pump Cover - Medium - Black

Aluminium Heat Pump Cover - Black - Medium - 1000mm H x 1080mm W x 470mm D.

$475.00 incl GST

Heat Pump Cover - Medium - White

Aluminium Heat Pump Cover - White - Medium - 1000mm H x 1080mm W x 470mm D.

$475.00 incl GST

Heat Pump Cover - Small - Black

Aluminium Heat Pump Cover - Black - Small - 750mm H x 1030mm W x 420mm D.

$375.00 incl GST

heat pump cover small white 1

Heat Pump Cover - Small - White

Aluminium Heat Pump Cover - White - Small - 750mm H x 1030mm W x 420mm D.

$375.00 incl GST