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Villa Double Swing

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Villa arched gates with square tube pickets - look great - ready made and available now in selected specific post gap sizes
Limited Stock

EasyGate's Villa design double swing gates have an arched top and square tube pickets. These are ready made, in set sizes, in stock ready for dispatch. Gate and Automatic Opener Package available too.

Installed Height

Post Gap


From $1,095.00 incl GST


Want a set of double swing gates now?

These are ready made gates. Just pick the available size that best fits your post gap. There is some adjustment available with the included hinges, or you can use an additional post(s) to help make an available size of these Villa gates fit your space.

Buy just the gates now, or take a combination package of Villa gates and Terrier model automatic opener kit - and SAVE $$. Choose from the drop down options.

Villa style gates have a curved / arched top to them, and an approximately 80mm gap between the pickets in the main area of the gates.

All aluminium frames, built solid to allow for automatic openers to be fitted to them.

Bottom beam: 100 x 50mm aluminum box.

Ends: 50 x 50mm aluminium box.

Horizontal rail and arch: 40 x 40mm aluminium box. 

Square pickets: 20 x 20mm aluminium tube.


All sets of Villa double swing gates are the same height, being 1.5m installed height at the post ends, rising to 1.8m installed height in centre - based on a 40mm clearance at the bottom. (i.e the frames are 1460mm at ends rising to 1760mm). It is possible to install them 'reversed' with the high end at your posts.

All sets are powder coated Satin Black.

Each set includes:

- 2 gate frames (each half of the double swing gate)

- 4 x steel clamp hinges (2 for each side)

- 2 x telescopic legs (these are telescopic inserts in the centre verticals that can be extended down to hit your gate stop)


Note: there is a point of difference with our other styles of swing gate that we make to order (where we can build to a particular gap between your posts) - with the Villa style the gates are a fixed size, with some provided adjustment in fitting from the hinges. Or by using washers as spacers between post and hinge, or doing your own other packing out of your posts, you can get them fitting a slightly wider gap.

Each size of Villa Double Swing gates available is based on an expected gap between posts it can fit through the use of the included hinges and potentially some washers.

There are seven sizes to choose from - use the drop down box above to see prices of each size:


These gates can be purchased online - just select your Size and Option (for what is included) from the drop-down box above.

NOTE: Prices are including gst, but ex factory / warehouse.

Delivery can be arranged NZ wide - just contact us with your address for a delivery quote (delivery of gates is NOT included with any online purchase).