Our normal office and warehouse will be shut for the duration of the Level 4 alert.
We have dedicated staff working remotely from home (Monday to Friday) able to support you if needed


IF you are an Essential Service, then:

Urgent orders of spare parts can be requested by the government-defined "essential businesses" when these repairs are deemed to be a health and safety risk
We consider ourselves a supplier and contractor to essential businesses only at this time
We will use the MBIE list of essential services to guide us case by case in who we can supply to

Examples are we know we have supplied gates and automation to the premises of an ambulance base, veterinary clinics, and care complexes.

IF you need a spare part for an essential service on the above basis - this is what to do:

1. Provide a clear description of the spare part item you are needing (a photo of the current part can help)

2. Give us a fair description of who the part is for (so we can know it is an essential service)

3. Give us full address information on where it is to be sent to

4. Give us your name and contact number (preferably mobile number) to be able to liaise with, and pass to courier 

5. Let us know if you will be paying by credit card (we can call you for details), or by bank transfer (we will email the invoice with our bank details)

6. Send above information in an email to:

(this is a specific email set up, and monitored checked several times a day by a management person).


Note: we in turn have to make a special arrangement with the courier to pick up from us, so cannot promise same day dispatches. But we will work as best as we practically can to help.


If you are not an essential service, then please accept that we may politely decline to dispatch items to you until the level 4 alert changes.

There is separate information on our website home page on how to correspond with us for sales and regular tech support during the shutdown.