Cantilever Sliding Gate

Cantilever sliding gate, based on EasyGate's Manor design.


Contact with your dimensions for a price

Cantilever construction: The outer frame is based on the aluminium Manor slider bolted with stainless bolts to the Cantilever base frame. This combination reduces the total gate weight by approx 1/3 which reduces the long-term effects of "wear and tear" of the moving parts including automation without compromising strength.

Price includes the following:

  • Outer frame and horizontal beams 50 x 50 box Aluminium
  • Bottom rail 100 x 50 x 3mm heavy duty box Aluminium
  • Aluminium vertical pickets - 19mm diameter with 100mm spacing (approx 80 mm physical gaps)
  • Cantilever wheel channel with 2 vertical supports & 1 diagonal brace in durasteel
  • 2 x Cantilever steel wheels with sealed bearings
  • Inserted into the end of the steel channel is a special catcher roller to aid in locating the gate to the catcher when closed
  • 1 x side mountable end catcher to be mounted onto your post to capture front/bottom corner of gate
  • 2 x end plugs for the tails at rear end of the gate
  • 1 x heavy duty top roller guide bracket

Powder Coating colour: Satin Black

Frame length: up to 4m

Height from ground to top of the gate: up to 2m

Total Cantilever length including diagonal brace: up to 5.8m. Longer gates can occasionally be done as a Cantilever depending on the specifics.

Note: The height of the finished gate will depend on the height you install the Cantilever wheel assembly to your concrete foundation. If the wheel assemble is positioned flat (no room for adjustment down, but can increase) then the gap under the gate will be approx 80mm.

Basic Cantilever install guide

You can order gates by phone 0800774636 or email