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Chateau Double Swing

Chateau arch top double swing aluminium gates

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Chateau arch top double swing aluminium gatesChateau gates in rural settingChateau gates on postsChateau Double Swing on pillars

Stylish arched top double swing gates. The Chateau design adds a bit of flair to your entrance.


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Click to download a pdf copy of the EasyGate Chateau Double Swing Brochure - with prices for commonly asked for sizes.


Most commonly built based on the low ends next to your posts, and rising to the high point in the centre.


It is possible to be built the opposite way on request (high at post ends, low in centre)


EasyGate's Chateau design uses 100 x 50mm aluminum box for the bottom beam, 50 x 50mm box for the ends, and 40 x 40mm box for the arch and other horizontals. The vertical pickets are round tube with approx 80mm gaps between them, and every second picket going all the way to the arch.

Matching pedestrian gates and fence panels (based on every second picket going to top) can also be built to order, though these items will have a flat top.


This design can also be custom made with a sloping bottom to match your driveway.

For heights up to 1.3m they will have the bottom rail and one upper horizontal rail (plus arch).

From 1.4m and higher an extra horizontal rail a little up from the bottom is added for strength as the pickets become longer.

To order your set of Chateau Double Swing gates - we need to know the finished height you would like them to be - the low end next to your posts, and the gap between your posts (inside face to inside face).

Chateau Double Swing gates come with a set (4, 2 for each side) of our standard adjustable steel hinges