Concord (Spear Top) Sliding Gate

The Concord design has vertical pickets with pressed spears at their top. These are a made to order gate.


Slider Lengths


From $1,299.00incl GST

Spear top pickets spaced with approx 80mm gaps between them. Concord gates can be made to a maximum 1.8m installed height.



There are two ways of providing the sliding assistance for this spear top design, in order to position the rollers either side of the upper horizontal rail.

1. The standard option, is we provide a 'hockey stick' bracket with two side mounted rollers. You place this 'upside down' so it provides a loop to go over the spears and down the other side.

2. An alternative option is to have two posts, one position either side of the gate at the same end. You then attach one side mounted rollers (two are provided) to each post.


Features that come as standard with EasyGate:


These are a 300mm extension of the top and bottom beams to one end of the sliding gate. Means that when the gate is closed there is something to stay between the rollers and on the motor (if automating).

End Catcher for Sliding Gate


Included is a side-mounted end catcher. This is a bracket that fits over the top corner of the gate frame when it is closed, helping it stay upright. It comes with an 'L' bracket to attach to your post. 

Guide Bracket

All EasyGate sliding gates come with a top guide bracket and two nylon rollers included in the price.


A strong and sturdy tall gate stopper for use with most sliding gates.


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Your EasyGate Slider will come with sufficient wheel track for the size of gate - all included. This a 'U' profile, made in aluminium.