DEA Semi Wireless Safety Beams

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Pair of adjustable photocells (180°) with tx supplied by a Lion battery. Range 7/15m (46xh125x40mm)


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A Recommended Product:

These can be referred to as Safety Beams, Infra-red Beams, or Photocells.

Photocells are used primarily as a safety device to detect the presence of a vehicle or person through an entrance.

Photocells placed on each side of a gate driveway, will increase your hazard management of your gate opener system.


Designed to detect objects that may be in the way of a closing gate by sending an infra-red beam between the 2 x safety beams. If the beam is broken by an object, child, car etc it sends a signal to the control board of your opener to STOP and return to the fully OPEN position. This will avoid costly damage and injury.


Designed to detect objects passing through the beams across your driveway and activate the gate opener.

Note: Photocells sold as a pair (one for each side of your driveway)



For the main unit, power is taken from a 12vDC terminal on your gate control board.

Receiver end is powered by 1x ER26500 "C" sized battery running at 3.6v



Compatible with all EasyGate gate openers




6 month back to base warranty




DEA Semi Wireless Safety Beams Video Tutorial