Elite Heavy Duty Security Sliding Gate

Heavy Duty Modular Elite Security Sliding Gate - Aluminium frame 65mm with 100 x 100mm steel bottom. NOTE: Requires simple assembly on site by your installers.


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Heavy Duty Modular Elite Security Sliding Gate - Aluminium frame 65 x 65mm box ends and upper horizontals with 150 x 75mm  bottom. 
NOTE: Requires simple assemble on site by your installers.

Height: 1.9m based on an installed gate on 100 mm trapez wheels and standard wheel track. 

Frame length From 8 to 14m (No tails) - CONTACT US FOR CUSTOM SIZING

Vertical Square Bars with pressed spear tops -  25 x 25 mm Aluminium with 100 mm clear spacing.

Bottom rail 150 x 75.
Outer frame ends and 2 x horizontal rails 65 x 65 mm aluminium box.
Ends to match height of spear head and caped.

2 x steel wheels with sealed bearings.
Wheel track double the length of gate to anchor to your existing driveway.
Concrete anchor pins for the wheel track.
1 x Extra wide side mountable end catcher for front/top corner of gate.
1 x ground stopper for rear bottom of gate.

Powder Coating colour: Satin Black

Due to the length of this modular style of gate, it will be transported in sections that will need to be assembled on site by your installers using basic hand tools.
Note: You will need the heavy duty wishbone posts and guide rollers to go with this slider. 
Any 1.8 m Elite Security Fence Panels should be installed with approx 100mm clearance at bottom to provide a matching top height with this gate.