Elite Security Commercial Sliding Gate

The Elite Security Sliding Gate has pressed spear tops on square pickets for added strength and a good secure look. The ideal aluminium gate option for commercial or industrial properties. Pricing is including GST, ex factory. For longer custom requirements contact us.



From $2,079.00incl GST

Aluminium Square pickets with pressed spear top design.

Height: 1.85m based on an installed gate on wheels and track.

Built to order - to the length you require.*

Note there is a 20% difference for sloping bottom gates*

Vertical Square Bars with pressed spear tops - Aluminium 25 x 25 x 1.6mm with centres at 125 mm spacing (giving 100mm gaps between pickets).

  • Matching design fence panels also available to go alongside.
  • A variation with the 25 x 25mm pickets but flat tops to them (not spears) can also be supplied by request

Standard Elite style sliding gates are built up to 7.5m long in one piece.

EasyGate can build longer gates for you - with it built in two or more sections for transport that are then re-assembled on site. Contact us to discuss longer gate options.


There are two ways of providing the sliding assistance for this spear top design, in order to position the rollers either side of the upper horizontal rail. 

1. Recommended: Use of the Elite Wishbone Post (or double style joined post). This is two 75 x75mm posts joined together with a cross section at the top, for in ground burial. You then attach the two side mountable rollers (these rollers come with the gate) to roll either side of a horizontal rail. Not included - available for $245.

2. An alternative option is to have two posts (not included), one positioned either side of the gate at the same end. You then attach one side mounted roller (two are provided) to each post. Can be an option when you are able to use an existing post on one side, and add another 100 x 100mm post for the other side. 

Features that come INCLUDED with the Elite Security Gate:

  • Extra long 400mm bottom tail 
  • 2 x side mountable rollers
  • End catcher
  • Gate stopper
  • Sufficient wheel track for length of gate, and concrete anchor pins for the wheel track


Delivery can be quoted on if you contact us with an address.


Optional Pedestrian Gate from $549 including 2 hinges (but not latch) - if you want a separate swing pedestrian gate, then we can build one to match the sliding gate style and height. 900 - 1000mm is the most common gap between posts for this, but we can build to fit almost any post gap.


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Boxer Gen 2 Automation Unit

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Close up of the Elite Security Fence Panel - showing the square tube pickets with pressed spear tops.

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