Frame Only Double Swing Gate

Want to add your own cladding to have your own look? Ask EasyGate to build a Frame Only for you


Please email for a custom quote

Price on application:

EasyGate can manufacture a "frame only" Swing gate almost any height and length you require in single or double style to meet your installation needs. Great for those that want to add their own panels or cladding to the gate allowing for a uniform fence / gate solution to your entrance.

Built using EasyGate's own special Aluminium profile with 25mm stepped in recess allowing the installer to add Vertical or Horizontal cladding.

Here are some questions that we will need to know about your gate installation:

The height from ground to top of gate when installed with an approx 40mm gap under the gate.

Width between posts (post gap)

How many horizontal ribs allowing for attachment points for vertical cladding. 

How many vertical ribs allowing for attachment points for horizontal cladding.

EasyGate's custom frame only profile is 85 x 50mm x 3mm thick made from structural aluminium with 25mm stepped in rebate.

This provides a 25mm space from centre of frame to front edge for customer's cladding to fit.

Gates are powder coated to standard powder colour. 

The standard colour option for this gate style is Satin Black. For other colour options please read through our powder colour page here.

Email your requirements along with a photo of the gate entrance... your address and contact number. EasyGate will draw up a quote to send back to you to check.


Free call: 0800774636



NOTESWarning about your cladding choice and fixing method: Some raw materials such as timber cladding will be subjected to expansion and doubling of weight when wet. EasyGate highly recommend you dry and seal such material prior to installing onto this aluminium frame and allow for expansion at the frame between the timber inner edges. Pre drill timber prior to fixing to frame. Failure to do so may result in damage to the frame and therefore not covered in the EasyGate warranty.