Frame Only Sliding Gate

Want to add your own cladding to have your own look? Ask EasyGate to build a frame only gate for you.


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"Frame only" sliding gates are becoming popular with the DIY market. EasyGate can manufacture a moving gate frame  complete with all the gate hardware ready for you to fill the panels with YOUR own material such as timber, corrugated iron,  villa board etc.

Whether you want to match some existing or planned fencing, or just want to achieve your own look, this could be the option for you.

Frame Length: From 1m to 8m (not including the 300mm tails at one end)

Frame height: From 1m to 2m (based on an installed gate with wheels and wheel track)

Tail length: 300mm top and bottom at one end

Sides and top rail: 50 x 50mm

Bottom rail: 100 x 50mm

Centre ribs: 50 x 50mm  or 50 x 25mm

2 x steel wheels with sealed bearings. For larger gates we will install 4 wheels

Wheel track double the length of gate to anchor to your existing driveway.

Concrete anchor pins for the wheel track

1 x top roller guide bracket

1 x side mountable end catcher for front/top corner of gate

1 x ground stopper for rear bottom of gate

2 x end plugs for the tails at rear end of the gate


The standard colour option for this gate style is Satin Black. For other colour options please read through our powder colour page here.


To provide you with a quote for a 'frame only' slider, in addition to your basic height and length information we also need to know just what, and how, you are intending to clad it.

There are a few different ways we can build the aluminium frame for you, depending on what may best suit your cladding. Here are three common options:


The most basic method is for us to build just a basic outer frame out of 50mm thick aluminium. For some larger gates it may require some additional vertical or horizontal support beams spaced across the gate.

You then add your cladding externally to the outside of this frame. So if your cladding was 20mm thick, the overall gate becomes 70mm thick.

Most Popular


In this option we build the core outer frame 50mm thick, and add in an internal recessed frame (and often additional vertical or horizontal ribs) of 25mm thick aluminium box to provide a series of attachment points for your cladding.


You then have a 25mm space from the middle to the front edge to fit your material, and the total gate thickness remains at 50mm.

We need to know from you whether you are adding cladding horizontally or vertically, and an idea of how many ribs (vertical or horizontal pieces spaced across the frame) you want.

We're happy to discuss with you how many ribs may be suitable if you are not sure - give us a call.


When making our aluminium tongue and groove gates, EasyGate utilise our own custom channel profile to 'hold' the tongue and groove lengths in place.

If you are wanting to add cedar tongue and groove to your frame, we can screw our special profile to the inside of the outer frame for you. 

Note: suitable for 18mm thick tongue and groove only.






NOTESWarning about your cladding choice and fixing method: Some raw materials such as timber cladding will be subjected to expansion and doubling of weight when wet. EasyGate highly recommend you dry and seal such material prior to installing onto this aluminium frame and allow for expansion at the frame between the timber inner edges. Pre drill timber prior to fixing to frame. Failure to do so may result in damage to the frame and therefore not covered in the EasyGate warranty.