Lifestyle Design Sliding Gate

Premium Design

The "Lifestyle" design gates from EasyGate aim to fit in with rural post and rail fencing.


See Below For Indicative Prices. Email for Quote.


A gate design to fit in with your rural post and rail fencing, but made from strong, rigid aluminium and powder coated in a colour of your choice. 
No more sagging issues as with timber equivalents.
EasyGate can manufacture almost any width and height you want and can arrange delivery to your home anywhere in New Zealand.

This 'Lifestyle' design style has some flexibility to it, and EasyGate have built a number of custom variations of it for people.

Some examples of how it can be customised are:

- whether it has a total of 3 of 4 horizontal rails

- if it has the diagonal included, or no diagonal (just horizontal rails only).

- if it has 2 x vertical beams in the centre of the gate, to give the look of a double swing gate (even though is made as a sliding gate)

- the gap between the horizontal rails / overall height of the gate


Let us know as part of your enquiry which (if any) customisations you want, and if possible provide us with some photos of your existing fencing.
The default 'Lifestyle' design sliding gate will have:

Bottom and Top horizontal rails of 150 x 50mm aluminium box

Vertical ends 150 x 50mm box

Middle horizontal rails (1 or 2 of depending on height) 150 x 25mm box, positioned towards the front face of gate

A diagonal using 150 x 25mm box, sitting in behind the middle horizontal rails


Due to the greater customisation available in this design, there is more variation in price for a specific gate. Please enquire to get a proper quote for your gate.

However to provide some indication, here is indicative pricing for some common lengths of default Lifestyle sliding gates, based on a total of 4 horizontal rails and a diagonal, at approx 1100mm installed height.

Lifestyle Sliding Gates - Incl GST, Ex Factory  
Frame Length (Min-Max)

Indicative price gate with sliding hardware

3.5 - 4.0m $3195
4.0 - 4.5m $3495
4.5 - 5.0m $3795
5.0 - 5.5m $4195
5.5 - 6.0m $4595



The standard colour option for this gate style is Matte Black. For other colour options please read through our powder colour page here.