Louvre Sliding Gate

Premium Design

Beautiful Louvre gates - made from EasyGate's own extra strong louvre profile.


Contact with your dimensions for a price

Aluminium construction.

Frame Length: 1m to 8m (not including the 300mm tails at one end)

Frame height: 1m to 2m (based on an installed gate with wheels and wheel track)

Tail length: 300mm top and bottom at one end

Sides and top rail: 50 x 50mm (most common) or 50 x 80mm if required

Bottom rail: 100 x 50mm

Louvre blades: 150mm wide x 25mm thick - these are EasyGate's own custom louvre profile that allow us to use longer lengths without too much flex.

Layout: Horizontal 


Depending on the length of the gate, we add backing strips of vertical flat bar to the rear / house side of the louvres, or sometimes break longer gates into two panels with a vertical 50 x 50mm beam.

The standard colour option for this gate style is Matte Black. For other colour options please read through our powder colour page here.

For a detailed quote please email sales@easygate.co.nz with your name address and a contact phone number. A measurement taken between the internal faces of  posts ( post gap) and a required finished height would also be great.