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Mobile Phone / GSM "Dial to Open" Controller 12v

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Open your gate from your phone (with no call cost) with this GSM dial to open controller. Works with most gate openers.


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GSM Remote Control Device

Note: Requires 12-18v dc. Suitable for most gate opener devices

Can be installed in parallel with keypads and exit buttons fitted to electric gate openers (or garage door, pump etc) or wired directly to the control board of your gate to enable it to be activated by means of a phone call. 

When the Dial to Open receives a call, it will reject the call (so there will be no charge – at least with today’s charging procedures) and click the relay momentarily...opening the gate. Your costs will be only for the minimum top up of the sim card (to keep it active) and TEXT fees while managing the programme.

NOTE: Requires a standard Vodafone pre-paid sim card (not telecom)

Remember to top up your sim card or risk cancellation of the phone number

The photo shown may not be the same as the product sent due to model and stock available at time or ordering

Must be installed in a weather proof enclosure.


  • You can then open your gate from anywhere in the world just by dialing the gate number or your sim card.
  • Calls to the device are free (other then the cost of the sim card)
  • Easy to install onto existing control boards of your gate opener with DVD instructions
  • You do not need lots of expensive remotes for your staff or family as most people have a mobile phone.
  • Great for remote areas and gates a long way from the house such as solar applications.