Nylon Rollers

Nylon Rollers - used with a guide bracket for gates to slide between.

Bolt Size

Roller Width

Roller Length


From $6.00incl GST

EasyGate stock a range of rollers.

There are 3 main points for you to choose from:

  1. Bolt Size - the diameter of the steel bolt inside the roller - relates to the hole size in your guide bracket
  2. Roller Width - the diameter of the outer edge of the nylon roller
  3. Roller Length - based on how long the nylon sleeve of the roller is 

Note: in same cases the roller width and length is approximate for the stock we have at the time.

Please pay attention to the combination of all 3 aspects in making your selection.

Price are per one (1) roller, and are for rollers only.

Majority of rollers in stock are black, but there is some white in shorter sizes. Colour is not offered as a choice. Should this or a precise size be important - please order via phone and speak to us first.

Look at our separate Guide Bracket options if you require one of these.