Outdoor Keypad 7612 with inbuilt tag reader

More features - up to 499 codes - to be wired in.


$219.00incl GST


In stock

This keypad is a vandal resistant proximity card reader, keypad unit suitable for external applications (conditions apply).

To be wired in (cable NOT included) - able to be used with all models gate automation sold by EasyGate.

Numbers can light up if night time use is needed.

The unit accepts up to 499 users and provides entry via the use of proximity cards, tags and pin codes.

Can be used as a standard 4 digit PIN code entry for all gate opener systems or utilizing the units many other features if required on magnetic door locks etc. Has a built in proximity card and Tag reader. Cards are the size of a credit card and available for $5 each while Tags fit on your key-ring and sell for $3 each .

NOTE: IP44. There is a plastic shroud available as an optional extra.

LOW CURRENT Bell button terminals available to wire to a stand-alone external bell system. Consult a trained technician

Output current:

Lock strike relay 5A
Auxiliary relay 5A
Lock Strike Control Output collector open output (25mA)
Auxiliary Output collector open output (25mA)


REX -N.O. dry contact
Auxiliary input (in/monitor) N.C. dry contact
Monitor mode - N.O. dry contact.
Built in proximity reader range: 65mm
Modulation: 125khz
Compatible cards: 26-bit EM card

Warranty; 1 year back to Base. See terms and conditions on this website

Warning: It is the installer’s responsibility to seal the entry points of cables etc from insects and water entering the housing and compromising the control board.


 Not suitable for installation in salt air situations or driving ran.

Switching Background Light ON or OFF

Background Light is off by default when new. Make sure the Mode Led is green before starting or it will not work.

1)     Enter Programming Mode by pressing # until green light goes out (2-3 seconds)

2)     Press 1234 quickly (programme code)

3)     Press 6 to enter Menu 6

4)     Press 2 to enter Auxiliary Control, Sub-Menu

5)     Press 8 to enter Background Led Control Option

6)     Press XX to Open/Close Background Led

XX: Close the Background Led for XX = 00. Open Background Led for XX = 01


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