Keypad Gooseneck Pole

A gooseneck pole to attach a keypad or intercom to.

Face Plate Size

A gooseneck pole to attach a keypad or intercom to.

The pole is to be buried into the ground. Set the height of the face plate by how deep you bury the pole.

The face plate is made from 100mm wide x 50mm thick aluminium box with a cap top and bottom. Post element is 50 x 50mm box, and the face plate is approx 400mm out from the vertical post part. 

If adding a wireless keypad you can use double sided tape to attach it to the flat surface of the face plate.

If you are adding a wired in keypad or intercom, drill holes where it suits through the front of the face plate, and you will then be able to thread the wires through into the tubing of the pole. Drill another hole at the bottom of the post or whichever position you want to take the wiring out of the post from.

Available in two options:

  • 150mm tall face plate - suits single keypad or similar
  • 270mm tall face plate - can fit EasyGate supplied keypad and Kocom intercom voice box together

All stock gooseneck posts are Satin Black colour. 

A perspex shroud is available separately to use with the flat face plate options.


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