Rising Hinge - Single Swing Gate

EasyGate's Rising Hinge will allow your Single Swing gate to swing open up a hill.


Please contact our sales team for availability

  • Suitable for 50mm sq tube gate frame
  • Rated at 80kgs per gate
  • Designed to open to max 90 degrees
  • Hinge is a "Bolt on" type hinge designed to fit through gate via 12mm reinforced holes and bolted to fence post
  • Made from steel and zinc coated
  • A replaceable nylon bush is fitted allowing smooth pivoting of socket
  • Installation instructions included
  • A pair is made up of a top hinge with spacer plate and a bottom hinge with 2 x adaptor plates and fastening bolts

Highly recommend 500S automation to use in conjuction with upswinging hinges as it is fitted with a pivoting bracket at the post end of the motor.

Buyer be aware: Automatic gate system manufacturers design their systems to open in a horizontal plane and their warranty is based on this setup. Therefore you need to be aware they would not warrant an up-swing installation. EasyGate make a case by case call on what is fair to EasyGate and the customer.