Slat Sliding Gate

EasyGate's new Slat style is a modern design that increases privacy while still maintaining some transparency and wind flow.


Contact with your dimensions for a custom quote


EasyGate's  Slat style is a modern design that increases privacy while still maintaining some transparency and wind flow. EasyGate can also build the same style for Double or Single swing gates with the slats either horizontal or vertical.

Price includes the following:

  • 2 x steel wheels with sealed bearings. 
  • Wheel track double the length of gate to anchor to your driveway
  • Concrete anchor pins for the wheel track
  • 1 x top roller guide bracket
  • 1 x side mountable end catcher to be mounted onto your post to capture front corner of gate
  • 1 x ground stopper for rear bottom of gate
  • 2 x end plugs for the tails at rear end of the gate


Bottom rail: 100x50x3 RHS box

Top rail and vertical ends: 50x50 RHS box

Slats: 75mm wide x 17mm thick

Slat spacings: 10mm or 25mm (main photo shows 10mm spacings)

60mm wide rub rail on top rail for guide rollers (to stop rollers wearing off paint)


The standard colour option for this gate style is Matte Black. For other colour options please read through our powder colour page here.


To get a quote for your gate, please confirm by phone or email your delivery address, name and contact number. We will need your distance between your current posts and the finished height you want. If you do not have post please tell us as we can also quote on alloy ones. Please also check if there is any slope to the current driveway (left to right of the posts) as this will affect the quote and the finished look of the gate. A sloped driveway cost is 15% greater or more than a standard level gate and only practical to do with vertical slats. Once we have this information EasyGate will then generate the quote and email this to you for confirmation (

Once confirmed a 50% deposit is required to start the order process and placement on the EasyGate fabrication scheduling. It will take a few weeks to complete the gate ready for delivery.  Balance of payment is due when EasyGate are ready to deliver your gate. Installation not included

Note: Due to the nature of the slats, we will build to the nearest height of complete slat rows to the desired height you provide if it is to be horizontal slats. Similar for length if the slats will be vertical. E.g if you ask for horizontal slats with 10mm gaps to 1.8m high - the installed height will be approx 1.813m


You can order gates by phone 0800774636 or email