Wheelie Rubbish Bin Cover Deluxe - 2 Bins + Extension

Wheelie Rubbish Bin Cover - Black - for 2 Bins + Extension


$1,995.00incl GST


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Description- Wheelie Bin EasyScreen

Model- DELUXE 3 DOOR  

Price- $1995 including Gst

No longer do you need to put up with unsightly bins cluttering your dream home's vista when you can hide them inside your new EasyScreen.

The Wheelie Bin EasyScreen is designed to cover your outdoor rubbish and recycle bins, improving the visual aesthetics of your home or work premises.

Smart looking and durable rust-free aluminium with pressed louvres giving air flow and rigidity. The top lid is hinged and supported by door struts allowing you to load your wheelie bin hands free. The rear perforated panels allow you to position your EasyScreen in an "open" area or against a wall. Animals cannot access the bins.

Colour: BLACK.


How the Wheelie Bin EasyScreen works:

Open the screen top and front doors to place your wheelie bins into position. Close the front doors and secure the lockable latch. Connect the chain located under the screen top to the wheelie bin lid handles. When the screen top is raised with the gas strut assisting, the wheelie bin lid will lift open at the same time allowing you to load your bin with rubbish with both hands. To finish simply close the screen top - job done!


This is a “flatpack” item and assembled using a cordless drill and tape measure.


The Deluxe 3 door unit is based on the combined 2 Door Unit with 3rd Door Extension.

Internal dimensions - Height 1105mm; Width 1795mm; Depth 760mm

External dimensions - Height 1130mm; Width 1845mm plus 30mm feet at each side; Depth 835mm

Flat-pack carton dimensions - Carton 1 - 1355mm x 900mm x 265mm. Carton 2 - 1130mm x 880mm x 190mm.


NOTE 1: EasyGate recommend you install your EasyScreen on a flat / level concrete base. Fasten the EasyScreen to the base to assist rigidity.

NOTE 2: Due to various building construction types - you may need to obtain your own fasteners to fix to your base. There are fasteners for concrete included. 


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NOTE: Due to the size of the carton for this item - freight costs can vary quite a bit on location. If you want delivery - please contact us with your delivery address so we can check a freight cost for you.