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TMT Wireless Exit Button

TMT wireless exit button for Terrier, Mastiff, Papillon and Boxer gate openers.

$39.00incl GST

Mobile Phone / GSM "Dial to Open" Controller 12v

Open your gate from your phone (with no call cost) with this GSM dial to open controller. Works with most gate openers.

$249.00incl GST

Wired Exit Button

Exit Button Wired

Standard Wired Exit Button

$29.00incl GST

TMT 24v Stand Alone Transformer

Replacement or additional transformer for all TMT openers. Reduces from 240v to 24v.

$89.00incl GST

1m length of gear rack

Gear Rack

Gear Rack - 1m length

$26.00incl GST

Safety Beams / Photocells / Infra-red beams - come in a pair with master and slave units

Photocell (Safety) Beams

A pair of photocell / safety / infra-red beams to go across a driveway.

$65.00incl GST

12v Step-Down Transformer

The Step-down Transformer allows for you to plug directly into an indoor 240v mains power point up to 100m from the gate opener control box at the gate.

$89.00incl GST

Batteries for Boxer / Papillon

Batteries for Boxer / Papillon - Pair of Backup Batteries

You are buying a pair (2) of gell cell batteries with cable suitable for TMT Boxer Slider and Papillon control boards.

$69.00incl GST

Battery - 12amp, 12 volt

Large 12 amp battery recommended for when going with the solar option on 12v gate openers.

$69.00incl GST

12v 7amp hour battery

Battery - 7amp, 12 volt

Replacement backup battery 7amp for swing and slider motors that are 12vdc.

$39.00incl GST

Batteries for Terrier / Mastiff Models of Gate Automation

Battery for Terrier / Mastiff Swing - Pair of Backup Batteries

You are buying a pair (2) of cell batteries with cable suitable for TMT Terrier and mastiff control boards.

$79.00incl GST

Boxer Replacement Lid

Spare Lid to fit Boxer 500/800

$65.00incl GST

Cable - 2 core 1.5mm 'Garden Lighting' cable

A 2 core, 1.5mm cable. Commonly used as 'garden lighting' cable. To connect power to 24v or 12v automation systems.

From$86.25incl GST

GR Motor and Housing

GR 12v motor and housing only

$229.00incl GST

TMT Control Box Screws

Bag of 4 plastic screws for use with Terrier or Mastiff control boxes

$8.00incl GST