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TMT Wireless Keypad

Outdoor wireless keypad suitable for Boxer slider, and Terrier / Mastiff / Papillon swing gate receivers only.

$99.00incl GST

TMT Wireless Exit Button

TMT wireless exit button for Terrier, Mastiff, Papillon and Boxer gate openers.

$39.00incl GST

Outdoor Keypad 7612 with inbuilt tag reader

More features - up to 499 codes - to be wired in.

$219.00incl GST

Mobile Phone / GSM "Dial to Open" Controller 12v

Open your gate from your phone (with no call cost) with this GSM dial to open controller. Works with most gate openers.

$249.00incl GST

Wired Exit Button

Exit Button Wired

Standard Wired Exit Button

$29.00incl GST

Basic Gooseneck Pole Flat Face

Keypad Gooseneck Pole

A gooseneck pole to attach a keypad or intercom to.

Keypad Gooseneck Pole - Attached Metal Shroud

A gooseneck pole to attach a keypad or intercom to. Includes an attached metal shroud.

From$289.00incl GST

Outdoor Shroud

Outdoor Shroud

Shroud for outdoor protection of a keypad or intercom

$35.00incl GST

Proximity Card

Proximity card suitable for EasyGate Deluxe keypads fitted with a proximity reader eg 7612 model keypad.

$5.00incl GST

Proximity Tag

A proximity tag / fob, compatible with EasyGate 7612 keypad/proximity reader and many other similar systems. Has ID number and keyring.

$3.00incl GST